Conservatory Blinds

If sail shades aren’t for you, why not try our conservatory blinds, these are a more traditional way to solve your conservatory shade needs. Less intrusive than sail shades, our blinds can be put down or retracted quickly and simply as and when you need the shade or light.

Conservatory blinds are also available as an alternativeOur conservatory blinds are easy to maintain and are durable so, once installed, could last you a lifetime! At Aquarius Sail Shades, we understand that you want your conservatory to fit in with your home and be a sanctuary in all seasons, which is why our blinds come in a range of colours. Whether you want them to match your cushion, rug or walls, we are sure to have a design that suits your mood!

Create and ambient space for you and your family with conservatory blinds. These help you stay cool in the summer whilst also helping to retain heat in the winter. The perfect solution to transforming your home.

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Enhance any room

Designer Shades

Deep Sky Blues, reds as well as whites

Multi colour composition

Order your sail shade from Aquarius or visit one of our showrooms to see how Aquarius could protect you from the sun this summer. From design to installation, we deal with your order every step of the way so you don’t have to worry.


For the home, conservatory or office

We don’t just design sail shades for the home. If you’re a business wanting a canopy for your office / workplace, we can help you make a shade a feature that can even include your branding. We supply, fit and install your sails and include Shade Sail Poles and Fittings as standard.

InShade Retailers / sail shade designers

If your conservatory is hot in the summer months, and you don’t want to be stuck installing expensive conservatory blinds, sail shades offer an inexpensive alternative. Read more

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From design to installation, we deal with your order every step of the way so you don’t have to worry.

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