Not all fabrics are suitable for the demanding environment found in your conservatory on any sunny day. The high humidity, temperature and intense light levels can quickly degrade many materials. This is why we use only the best and most durable materials available and why they are independantly tested to ensure continued compliance with our strict specification.


The fabric is inherently fire retardant, colour fast and very robust. In addition to the multiple quality inspections carried out during the fabrication process we carry out regular material testing to ensure compliance with both the UK fire and colour fast requirements.

The fabric meets the following fire standards:

BS 5867 part 2 1980 type B (UK)
B1 (Germany and Europe)
NFPA 701 Small Scale (USA)

The fabric is also tested for colour fastness to light using BS EN 20105 : B02 : 1993


The fabric is woven in a tight light weave that is translucent rather than solid. This means that the light is diffused through the material so that you lose the glare but maintain high natural light levels.

On bright sunny days 27% of the light passes though the sails and is fully diffused to maintain comfortable light levels but without the glare.

On overcast days up to 60% of all available light (which is already diffused) will pass through the sail keeping your room brighter on dull days.

The fabric also provides increased protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. The level of protection will depend on the degree of stretch and sail orientation. The following values were measured for white sails and are in addition to the screening from your existing roof.

UVA 85%
UVB 95%


With a little care your sails will look great for many years but for your peace of mind all InShade sails come with a 5 year warranty against any and all defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not affect your statuary rights. All fixtures and fittings also come with a lifetime replacement warranty covering all defects, including but not limited to mechanical failure or degradation, when used as instructed. 



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From design to installation, we deal with your order every step of the way so you don’t have to worry.

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